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The institutional profiles below provide contact information, program descriptions, and research and publication highlights for current members of the Network. Most institutions provide more detailed information, including full texts of selected publications, on their own websites. Unless otherwise noted, all Network member websites listed herein contain information in English.



Contact: Dr. E. Gyimah-Boadi, Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana);
Dr. Carolyn Logan, Michigan State University;
Dr. Paul Graham, Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Idasa);
Dr. Leonard Wantchékon, IREEP

P.O. Box 404, Legon-Accra

The Afrobarometer is a research survey that measures the social, political, and economic atmosphere in more than a dozen countries in Africa. Because there is a standard set of questions, countries can be systematically compared and, ultimately, trends in public attitudes can be tracked over time.

The Afrobarometer is an international collaborative enterprise of three core partners—the Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Idasa), the Ghana Center for Democracy and Development (CDD-Ghana), and Michigan State University in the United States—that collaborate with national partners in sixteen African countries.

Through networking and applied training, the partners aim at mutual capacity-building. Survey results are fed directly into the policy process, usually through nongovernmental organizations. The Afrobarometer seeks to reach diverse audiences, including decision makers in government, policy advocates, donor agencies, journalists, and researchers, as well as voting-age adults in Africa who wish to become informed and active citizens.

Activities include:

Publication Information: Please visit for a list of Afrobarometer's publications.

Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD)

Contact: Jibrin Ibrahim, director
16,A7 Street, Mount Pleasant Estate (CITEC)
Jabi-Airport Road
Mbora District
FCT 90003
Phone: +234(0)9 671 6454
Fax: +234 (0)9 461 9687

The Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that focuses on questions of democratic development and peace-building in West Africa. CDD has offices in Lagos and Abuia, Nigeria, and an international office in London. In addition to conducting research on democratization and good governance, the Centre provides training to groups and individuals promoting democracy and development in the region. The Centre's training and research areas also include human rights, empowerment, peace and security, gender issues, development, and the environment.

Activities include:

Publication Information: For a list of CDD's publications, please visit

Democracy in Africa Research Unit (DARU)

Contact: Robert Mattes, director
Democracy in Africa Research Unit
Centre for Social Science Research
Upper Campus
University of Cape Town
Private Bag
Rondebosch 7701
Cape Town, South Africa
Phone: +27 21 650 4656
Fax: +27 21 650 4657

Founded in 2002, the Democracy in Africa Research Unit focuses on improving empirical social science research in Africa. The Unit conducts research on citizens, political institutions, and democracy issues, as well as the impact the growing crisis of HIV/AIDS has on these issues. As DARU continues to grow, it is acquiring the capability to collect new data and use it in both education and public policy.

Activities include:

Publication Information: Visit for a list of DARU's recent publications.

Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD Ghana)

Contact: E. Gyimah Boadi, executive director
P.O. Box 404
Legon-Accra, Ghana
Phone: +233 21 776 142; +233 21 763 029; +233 21 784 293; +233 21 784 294
Fax: +233 21 763 028

The Ghana Center for Democratic Development (CDD Ghana) is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of society and government based on the rule of law, appropriate checks on the power of the state, and integrity in public administration. The mission of the Center is to promote democracy, good governance, and the development of a liberal economic environment in Ghana in particular and Africa in general. In so doing, CDD Ghana seeks to foster ideals of liberty, enterprise, and integrity in government and society at large.

Activities include:

Publication Information: For a list of CDD Ghana's publications, please visit

Institute for Democracy in South Africa (Idasa)

Contact: Paul Malcolm Graham, executive director
P.O. Box 1739
Cape Town 8000, South Africa
Phone: +27-21-461-2559
Fax: +27-21-461-2589

Idasa is an independent public interest organization committed to building the capacity for democracy in civil society and government in South Africa. Founded in 1987 with a staff of three, Idasa today is a national organization with a staff of more than 140. Through national programs organized at its two democracy centers—the Kutlwanong Democracy Centre in Pretoria and the Cape Town Democracy Centre—as well as through other special program and service units, Idasa works to build democratic institutions, to educate citizens, and to advocate social justice in contemporary South Africa.

Activities include:

Publication Information: For a list of Idasa's publications, please visit

Liberia Democracy Watch

Contact: George W. Williams, executive director
CEDE Building
Ashmun Street
Box 5114
Phone: +231 651 3037

Established in late 1996 in the build up to the 1997 elections in Liberia, LDW was founded by a group of university graduates who envisioned a society devoid of socio-political abuses, corruption, and the weaning respect for the rule of law. LDW seeks to influence the national political debate by initiating and sustaining dialogue and interaction between all Liberian stakeholders to stimulate national discourse on issues of relevance and significance to the political development of the country. With elections and the composition of the new political class, LDW is strategizing new modes of engagement for the actualization of its goals for the period.

Activities include:

Publication Information: For a list of LDW's publications, please visit